Three Insurance Tips For Dog Grooming Business Owners

Dog grooming can be a fun, creative business for you to launch. However, it is important that you remember to purchase insurance for your small business in order to protect you from losing money in other assets. Here are a few tips to pay attention to when seeking the right kind of insurance for your dog grooming company.

Get General Liability Coverage

General liability protection is a wise decision for any business, but because there are animals present in your place of business, it could be even more important. General liability protection will help you if customers or their dogs are hurt in your building. For example, if a customer trips on a leash and falls, or slips on water from a dog bowl, you will be covered. If a customer or employee is bitten by a dog, this kind of insurance can provide you with some kind of protection.

This kind of insurance can also be helpful to you if you go out to customers' homes. If a shampoo you use stains their carpet, general liability coverage can help protect you and come up with the fund necessary to clean or replace the carpet.

Seek Out Professional Liability Protection

Professional liability coverage, also referred to as insurance for errors and omissions, is another kind of insurance for you to investigate when you have for a dog grooming company. This type of insurance helps protect you and your personal assets if you are ever sued for things that happen as a result of your work or actions. For example, if the new soap you're using causes a dog to break into a rash after being home a few hours, personal liability protection can help you.

Stay Up to Date with Insurance Recommendations and Requirements

Laws and various current events might impact the kind of insurance you're legally required to have in your state for your dog grooming business. Check with your local chamber of commerce and your state's business division to get a better idea of what types of insurance you must have in order to operate your dog grooming business safely.

Use the information laid out above to help you sort out insurance questions you may have when you own a dog grooming company. Be sure to discuss your business with a reputable commercial insurance agent, such as at Paris V Mastroddi, Inc, so that you can be confident that your insurance coverage will protect you and your business.